5 Things  to do after your Roof  is Severely Damaged in a Storm 

A storm can lead to a great deal of damage to your property. Strong winds, hail storms, and heavy rainfall can affect your home badly, especially the roof. However, one needs to calm down and think rationally to take the right steps to make the most out of the situation instead of making it worse. 


If your area has been affected by the storm and you have faced property damages, here are a few things you can do to move toward the recovery phase as soon as possible. 


  1. Ensure Safety of Everyone

Once the storm settles, the first thing you need to do is to make sure all the family members are safe and sound in your home. Stay away from collapsed or affected structures as they can do more damage. In addition, try to inspect the house and assess the damage roughly. This will help with temporary repairs. However, if there is a structural collapse, evacuate the property and call the local authorities for help. 


  1. Secure your Interior 

After the storm settles and you have ensured everyone’s safety, it’s time to secure the interior of the house from further damage. If water is leaking through damaged areas, put buckets or containers to collect the dripping water. In addition, move valuables such as furniture and electronic appliances away from damaged areas. Moreover, cover the affected parts with tarps or plastic sheet to prevent water dripping. 


  1. Document the Damages

Once you have ensured everyone’s safety, look for property damage. Assess the damage and document it. You can take several pictures and make videos to show the damage done to your property. This will help with insurance purposes and make the claims process easy as you have all the evidence of the damage done to your property. 


  1. Inspect your Roof

Inspect your roof thoroughly and look for leaks or damaged structures. You can also hire a professional roofing contractor to inspect the roof and carry out the necessary roof repair processes to prevent further damage. On the contrary, not fixing your roof will cause more damage in the form of water leakage or structural collapse if not addressed. However, avoid extensive repairs, as it can be pretty costly and make your insurance void. 


  1.  Keep Yourself Updated

While you carry out the necessary repairs make sure you keep yourself informed about weather conditions. Monitor the weather updates and see if there are further storms or rainfall. Constant rough weather conditions can make the already affected property liable to greater damage. In such conditions, try taking shelter at your relatives or friends until the normal weather conditions are restored. 


The Bottom line

In a nutshell, taking the right steps after your property is hit by a storm is necessary to make the most out of the situation instead of making it worse. Prioritize keeping everyone safe and sound. Safety comes first. In addition, assess the damage and document the damage to apply for an insurance claim.