Finding Obscure Indie Music Online



Have you had the typical experience of a friend who informs you of an amazing song and is incredibly sure that you’ll love the music as much they do? After listening to the song and you begin to doubt the faith you place in them, and you no doubt their musical opinion. I’ve experienced this numerous times and I’m adamant that we let modern technology be successful where previous generations have failed! Song Lyrics

Finding Music Online

There are a variety of online resources that are more intuitive than a companion and are able to “learn” your music preferences and suggest new music that is suited to your preferences. These suggestions are customized to your preferences in music and are sourced from one of the largest online collection of music with tags. Radio stations are almost always required to play bands that are owned by corporations that have label restrictions that make the radio stations a terrible way to discover obscure music.

The internet is your most reliable source to discover the top music on the market. By utilizing a vast collection of music streaming sites is a great way to access many new songs in the genres you prefer as well as based upon your personal listening past rather than receiving an inexplicably good suggestion from a odd friend with an obsession with the Local Rush tribute band who can’t strike the right chords even if they were drunk. Music-bots are smarter than your peers and have a different ability to learn. Looking for indie music? New local and underground artists are suggested and featured every day. with positive reviews of other members, users can make use of these tools to get presented to bands and musicians through a different avenue.

What Are My Options?

Pandora is a completely free radio application that offers music recommendations based on the profile you make that lists your top music genres and artists. Pandora makes use of a vast database, known by The Music Genome Project, to discover and match preferences in music with similar music. Create a profile and begin listening. is also unique in its method of collecting preferences and recommending new music to listeners. Users can download a plug-in program that makes suggestions according to your previous listening habits. It records your music preferences (your current favourite artists) through a process known as “scrobbling” and creates your individual music profile , based on of this information. It then compares your profile to the listening habits from millions of users to discover those with similar tastes and suggestions for new bands and artists are made based on this comparison. is currently home to more than 15 million active users on which to base suggestions from and allow them to introduce you to the top new music.

Yahoo! ‘s LAUNCHcast is similar in structure as however it doesn’t have an extensive music profile due to a smaller number of users. LAUNCHcast has also been reported to have the most limited selection of music that includes more mainstream music selection than does. It’s a lot like the way the radio stations owned by corporations provide music.

Another site offers independent or unsigned artists who would not be able to connect with their fans if they were to sign an important record deal or corporate sponsorship. Use Pure Volume to break into the world of online independent and, of course MySpace is always a good choice too.

A majority of these sites allow you to buy recently discovered music after you have decided that you enjoy it, so you can add it to your growing collection of music, and then play it!