How to make a green-screen meme?

With green-screen memes, content creators are able to remove the background of viral content. This allows them to add their own twist to a meme. Most content creators love experimenting with their creativity in such a manner.

Step 1: Find the meme you want to use on the green screen 

Look for “green screen memes” on your browser and find ones that fit your taste best. You can also upload a meme from your device if you have already found one. However, searching is more feasible since the background is already green. 

Step 2: Choose the Chroma key tool to work with

Once you select your video, you now need to look for the effects you want to add. The Chroma Key tab provides you with preset effects that enhance the meme. Use the key channel to set the green color background. 

Step 3: Add a background of your choice

Now the fun begins! Add your meme version of the background to the image. This can be an image, a video, or simply a GIF. If you don’t have a background of your own, you can always find it on the internet.

Step 4: Compile and Share 

After being done with editing, take a look at your own meme. Previewing it will help you to review it in detail. Finally, export the meme file to your downloads. 


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